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Joseph Pilates famously said "In 10 sessions you'll feel better, in 20 sessions you'll look better, in 30 sessions you'll have a WHOLE NEW BODY." In an effort to reconnect to long-distance clients (I've missed you all!) and to give PHD fans everywhere the opportunity to train online with Everlea Bryant, NCPT, I've created a tester program called "10-20-30" that features highly discounted rates, easy online access, and both Private Training and Small Group options!

There is a strict limit of one Private Training special & one of the Small Group Training specials per person. Additional packages can be purchased as gifts. This is a new PHD by Everlea training program and platform, so I am specifically looking for only 10 private clients and up to 50 small group training clients. See below for Small Group Training times.

Please note: Classes begin the week of December 2, 2019, and the 10-20-30 Program will end February 27, 2020. This is 3 month time frames allows plenty of time to miss a week if needed, but encourages everyone to stay on track with 2-3 sessions per week for maximized results.

10-20-30 Private Training
Thirty 45-min sessions for $900. Great option for all, but particularly excellent if you have access to Pilates apparatus.
Only $30/session

10-20-30 Small Group Equipment plus Mat Option
Thirty 50-min web classes for $600. Option allows maximum scheduling flexibility, and is great if you have Reformer access at least once weekly. Mat classes can be attended live if local. Limited to 5 local participants. Must bring your own Mat.
Only $20/session

10-20-30 Mat Only Option
Thirty 50-min web classes for $400.
Most cost effective option. 3 Mat classes per week to choose from! Mat classes can be attended live if local. Limited to 5 local participants. Must bring your own Mat.
Only $13.33/session

Group Class dates are strictly between December 2, 2019-Feb 28, 2020. Private Sessions can begin as soon as November 18, 2019. All sessions must be used by February 28, 2020. Please email with questions before purchase, as enrollment/purchase is non-refundable.

10-20-30 Training Specials


Cash , Zelle, Cash App and Venmo prices listed. There is a 2.9% service fee for PayPal purchases, which can be made using the drop-down menus below.

Private Training, 60-minute sessions:
Single Session $70
3 Sessions for $195

Private Training, 30-minute sessions:
Single Session $40
3 Sessions $105

Private Training Sessions

Duo Sessions & Small Group Mat & Equipment Sessions for 2-3 students:
Single Mat Class $18
Package of 10 Mat Classes $150
Single Duo/Small Group Training Session $45
Package of 3 Duos/Small Group Training Sessions for $120

If you have a group of 4 or more students for Small Group Equipment Training, please contact for special pricing!

Small Group Training (all prices plus online service fee).

Trainees of The Pilates Center of Boulder, please contact for your discounted pricing.

No Childcare? It's OK! You are welcome to bring your child with you to your lesson. We are a family-friendly atmosphere. Babies can stay in carrier or parent can baby-wear during private sessions. Have an older child? Please bring a laptop, tablet, or homework for your child. Free Wi-Fi provided.