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Class Options

At our Home Studio, we offer Private instruction and Small Group Instruction on the Mat or Barre (limited to 4 participants). Ongoing Group Classes are held Wednesdays at 9AM and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30PM. Pre-registration is required; unfortunately we do not accept walk-ins due to limited space. Group Classes are 50 minutes long and require two (2) participants. In the event only one student registers, the class will run as a Private Lesson and last 30 minutes only. The option to have a full-length Private Session is available for an additional fee. Email Everlea at or call/text 410-412-6803 to register for class. Group classes can be organized outside of the classes listed above.

Barre: Barre is a cardiovascular workout that has great sculpting elements too! Barre is the way to achieve the long, lengthened "dancer" physique and tone all in one workout! Every muscle group gets attention and results show quickly!

Mat Pilates: Created by Joseph Pilates, this exercise form focuses on core strength and stability while simultaneously lengthening and toning your muscles. Mat classes will incorporate hand weights and the Magic Circle.

PILATES APPARATUS (Private Clients Only)
Cadillac: The Cadillac enables clients have the ability to do many of the same exercises from Reformer class on a stable, non-moving surface. The Cadillac also has several unique exercises that cannot be performed on other pieces of equipment. This piece utilizes spring tension to both assist and challenge clients throughout the class. We use a Gratz Pilates Cadillac.

Chair: Our Chair is a High/Low Combo Chair, or a combination Electric Chair and Wunda Chair. Joseph Pilates created The Chair for small NYC apartments, so it is the most compact apparatus but definitely packs a punch!

Reformer: The Reformer, or The Universal Reformer, is the most well-known piece of Pilates equipment. A Reformer is a moving platform with a spring-and-pulley system which allows clients to stretch and strengthen their entire bodies and great mobility in tight, tense areas while strengthening and fortifying weak areas simultaneously.

Ladder Barrel: The Ladder Barrel, or High Barrel, combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface for flexibility, strengthening and stretching exercises. Entire sections of Reformer and Cadillac material can be performed on the High Barrel, with the added comfort of a rounded and supportive surface. The barrel connects to the ladder by a sliding, adjustable base that accommodates different torso sizes and leg lengths.

Ped-o-Pull: Originally created to help an opera singer with her lung capacity, the Ped-o-Pull challenges core stability in functional standing position.

Small Barrels and Spine Corrector: These small pieces are used in conjunction with the Mat and Apparatus to create balance in the body.

Mat Pilates and Barre work are also available for all private clients.

Location of services and classes

Our Studio is located in the Ward's Corner neighborhood in Norfolk, VA. The studio address is 8108 Diggs Road, Norfolk, MD

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